Today's  Specials       

Quiche: Of the Day: Lorraine: bacon, Swiss, eggs, cream, traditional crust & side                     
Breakfast Crepes: soft scramble, baby spinach, ham, hollandaise, & side                                       14
Bistro Poutine: cheese curds, baby spinach, potato crisps, two farm eggs, green chili gravy      14   

Special Specials:
Bistro Meatloaf: Colorado beef & pork, house potato crisps, pork green
chili gravy  & side      14
Carnitas Street Tacos: three doubled corn tortillas, slow roast pork, v.o. slaw, red green salsa

                                                                                                                                               lime, cilantro  13

Pork Green Chili              cup   3   bowl   8 (with flour tortilla) 
French Onion Gratin       cup   4   bowl   9

Gelato:  Salted Caramel Truffle,  Banana Dulce de leche, Hazelnut Chocolate Crunch       5
Sorbetto : Raspberry  5
Cinnamon Ice cream  4

Berries N Cream Bread pudding  8
Key Lime Pie    6
NY style Cheesecake, assorted toppings  8  
Crepes:  chantilly cream, berries & asst toppings  8
Caramel Brownie a la Mode   7
Affogato (cinnamon ice cream & espresso)  8

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake   8

Baked goods: 

Small croissant   1     Large croissant   3

Cinnamon Roll 2      Cinnamon roll w/maple syrup  3

20% service fee is added to every check